Pentair SuperFlo High Performance Pool Pump

4.6 / 5
Pool Supply Experts Score

Product Highlights

Designed for ultra-quiet, the Pentair SuperFlo High Performance Variable Speed Pool Pump 1 HP barely makes a whisper and virtually eliminates unpleasant, high-pitched noise!

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Unionized fittings included (1-1/2 in. internal slip and 2 in. external slip)
  • Cam and RampTM Lid
  • Heavy-duty, high service factor 56 square flange motor
  • Integral volute and pot reduce hydraulic noise
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 50
  • Single Speed Pool Pump
Manufacturer: Pentair
Categories: Pool Pumps

Pros & Cons

What We Like...

  • Extremely Quiet
  • Single Speed
  • Energy Efficient

What Needs Improvement...

  • Often Back Ordered

Product Summary

The Pentair SuperFlo High Performance Pump is a product of more than 40 years of innovative hydraulic engineering. The result is an ability to move more water more efficiently for lower operating cost and super-quiet operation. Plus, by performing with less effort, there’s simply less wear and tear—and that means longer life for a higher return on your pump investment.
This High Performance Pump meets all the criteria for a superior pool, spa or water feature pump. It’s super energy-efficient, super quiet and super easy to maintain. Plus, it’s designed with innovative materials that will stand up to the most demanding installations and conditions. Whether you’re choosing your first pump or replacing older technology, the SuperFlo pump is definitely a super choice.
Pool Supply Experts Score