Arm & Hammer Pool Alkalinity Increaser

4.4 / 5
Pool Supply Experts Score

Product Highlights

  • Pool Alkalinity Increaser
  • Improves water clarity
  • Balances pH and alkalinity
  • Optimizes chlorine performance
  • Reduces the need for corrective pool chemicals
  • Protects surfaces from corrosion
Manufacturer: Arm & Hammer
Categories: Chemicals

Pros & Cons

What We Like...

  • Easy To Use
  • Value For Money

What Needs Improvement...

  • Condition May Vary

Product Summary

  • Clear Balance Pool Maintenance Tablets use the power of pure ARM & HAMMER Pool Alkalinity Increaser Baking Soda in one simple step to maintain your pool’s alkalinity and pH levels the easy way
  • Formulated with trusted ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda to help chlorine work more effectively in your swimming pool; this Baking Soda product for pools also helps to protect pool surfaces from corrosion
  • Contains pure ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda and comes in a convenient tablet form, so there’s no measuring or mess; simply add one tablet for every one chlorine tablet to optimize chlorine performance in your swimming pool
  • Using this Baking Soda for Pool product results in crystal-clear pool water that feels better on your skin and eyes, and can help reduce the need for other corrective and often costly swimming pool chemicals
  • This Baking Soda for Pool product contains 16 tablets in a handy container with resealable lid, so you can choose the size that works best for your swimming pool maintenance needs
Pool Supply Experts Score