Chlorine Tablets 35lb Bucket

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Product Highlights

This 35lb bucket of chlorine tablets are pro-grade quality to control all types of pool algae, bacteria, germs, and parasites for cleaner, healthier water.

  • Controls all types of pool algae, bacteria, and other disease-causing organisms
  • Long-lasting, slow dissolve tab for even and consistent sanitization
  • Built-in protection against sunlight to shield against chlorine burn off
  • No fillers, glues, or binders for more effective sanitization
  • 99% trichlor active ingredient, 90% available chlorine — the strongest available
Manufacturer: Clorox
Categories: Chemicals

Pros & Cons

What We Like...

  • Controls Pool Algae
  • Individually Wrapped

What Needs Improvement...

  • Bucket Is Heavy

Product Summary

These chlorine tablets are a 3-in-1 concentrated chlorinating tablet designed to keep your pool water clean by killing bacteria and controlling algae, and come in a 35lb bucket. These 3 in. tablets includes a built-in sunlight protector which protects chlorine from sunlight burn-off so the chlorine lasts longer. These tablets can be used in a skimmer, floater or feeder.

Controls Algae, Bacteria and other Germs

For cleaner and safer water, each tab contains the highest amount of available chlorine which provides consistent sanitization by controlling algae, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Long-Lasting Tabs

We continue to control the entire manufacturing process of our proprietary formula which is densely compressed into our chlorine pucks for a slower, more even dissolve rate. You get superior, long-lasting, and more efficient tabs that provide proper chlorination.

No Fillers, Binders, or Glues

Ideal for chlorine floaters and automatic chemical feeders, our slow dissolving tabs are the highest quality and have absolutely no fillers, binders, glues, or additives like many others. These additives cause tabs to dissolve too rapidly and don’t provide a consistent distribution of chlorine. These fluctuating chlorine levels and inconsistent sanitization lead to quicker algae growth. Fillers, binders, glues, and other additives also increase the total dissolved solids in your water, which ultimately make the chemicals you use to maintain and treat your water less effective over time.

Pool Supply Experts Score